Wednesday, April 12, 2017

History Day Reflection

     My project for history day project was about Hamilton and the musical Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote about him. I worked on this project with Alyson Reid and Sophie Wallerich, we chose the category website because we thought it would be fun to work on and create. I personaly would have liked to do an exhibit and a different but I had fun doing a website.
      I agree with some of the things the judges said about our project but then I don't agree with some of it. On the judging sheet the judges said that we focused to much on the musical but I don't think that is true I think they said that because during the interview we talked  a lot about the musical and not actually Hamilton himself. Another thing I don't agree with is the part where they said we didn't have our bibliography and annotations, I think they just didn't see our sub-pages but I was a little confused because they saw our thesis statement. 
    I think the most interesting thing I learned while doing this project was stuff about the musical. I enjoyed learning about Lin-Manuel Miranda, because I had never heard of him and found it surprising  he was such a big image in theater. I also thought it was cool how he started at such a young age.

     I think the hardest part of this project was actually doing the research. I think doing the research was the hardest part because of our topic. With our topic I think we should have focused less on Hamilton facts but we focused an greater amount on Hamilton when the actual musical was just as important. Another hard part was word count, we went over the count but still wanted a lot of that information so that was difficult cutting out words.
      I improved on my researching skills by doing this project. I can use the skills I learned from this project in other projects. My researching skills improved a ton during this project, it taught me how to go more into depth about your topic. Another thing I learned was time management. I think next time I do a project I will try to have better time management because during this project I feel like I didn't use it wisely.
     I think we could improve our project by improving our thesis statement. Another way we could improve our project is by having more media because we did do our project on a musical so that seems like a pretty important part. The last way we could have improved our project is by having more information, but that was kind of hard with the word count issue.

     I think the thing i'm most proud of when it comes to this project is how our website shows, I think our website looks very nice and we have good pictures, another thing I like about how website is presented is our subpages they are really cool. I thought the subpages was a good idea because instead of having this one giant page with all of this information you could have pages coming off of it. When we first were trying out the subpages we went a little ham and had like 15 of them but once we cut them down I thought it was a cool add on to the website.


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